ARE UKRAINIAN WOMEN ...? – This is a phrase that a lot of Internet users type during their search to answer many questions about Ukrainian women. Nowadays there are many myths, stereotypes and clichés about those women so it is not easy to find out what is the actual truth. Newspapers and magazines, websites and forums discuss very often this social phenomenon, which has become a trend recently.

Ukraine is a ‘female country’. This fact is not only based on the title of the state, but on the social situation, values ​​that are prevalent in its society. In the west, we have so-called ‘male’ qualities for a while – competitiveness, estimation, ambitions and saving money. While for the ‘female’ cultures the most important are the relationship between people and the quality of life. That explains a lot in Ukraine - why Ukrainian women are caring and why they support their men, why they are very kind and why they have well developed maternal instincts. This is a feature that attracts western men along with practicality, intelligence, femininity and beauty.
But all these external and internal qualities can also characterize other Eastern European women. It is fair to assume that Ukrainian girls have something that distinguishes them from all Slav sisters, and even from their closest ‘neighbors’ - Russians.

So this website is about the most frequently asked questions about Ukrainian women, their lifestyle, character, and mentality, their point of view, characteristics and preferences, basically about everything that starts with the question ’ARE UKRAINIAN WOMEN?’...

Lots of facts about the Lady from Ukraine help to understand her way of life and mentality. But to be familiar with her better it is logical to ask a few more questions. For example, "What" and "Why". We hope that we can provide you detailed answers to these questions. So:


What do Ukrainian women love and appreciate in men, why are they looking for their family happiness abroad, what do they like and what do they think about life in a foreign country? What to expect from Ukrainian bride?


Why Ukrainians are considered one of the most beautiful women in Europe and in the world, why are there always a great number of myths and stereotypes around them and why are they good brides and wives? Why are they so popular?